3 ways to use your beeswax wrap

Using your beeswax wrap for the very first time can be exciting and thrilling (to say the least!). "How do I do it properly?", you may ask, but here I made a few short videos that will teach you how to use your new Cerawrap beeswax wrap like a boss. 

1. Use the wrap to cover a bowl of fruit, veggies or leftovers 

Put the wrap on the bowl and press it onto the edges. From the warmth of your palms, the beeswax would soften up and instantly glue to the bowl and nicely hold the shape! 
This method is perfect when you need to cover a plate of leftovers after dinner or store some products that cannot have direct contact with the wrap (like citruses and raw meat and fish). Read more about care here. 

2. Wrap your cookies or any other small products by sealing the edges

This way of wrapping suits you when you want to store cookies, muffins, berries, little carrots or any other small veggies and fruits. 

3. Use the wrap for bread and all kinds of large bakery to keep it fresh and soft for longer

Store your bread or cheese by rolling it in the wrap. The wrap keeps the moisture in, so your bread will stay soft and your cheese will not dry out. 

If you have any questions, hit me up with them in the comments and I will get back to you with an answer!

how to use cerawrap