On food storing

(Educational email sequence)


I originally wrote this almost a year ago as one of my first email sequences to my subscribers. 

Many times I promised myself to update it, add more stuff to it and convert it into an article or some .pdf so more people could read it.

But by the end of the 2018, while working on my little goal list for the new year, I asked myself if the untraditional format - an email sequence - is really an obstacle to publish what I want to say?

It isn’t, right?

The ultimate guide to beeswax wraps


Everything you need to know about the beeswax wraps.

Not kidding.

Care, tips, uses and more.

How to take care of your beeswax wrap so it lasts longer?


In this short post I am going to share my 6 tips how to take care of your beeswax wrap. Following these ideas will help you to prolong your wrap's life, therefore saves you some extra cash and allows you to enjoy your purchase for longer. 

A little video tutorial how to use your beeswax wrap

Using your beeswax wrap for the very first time can be exciting and thrilling (to say the least!). So I took my iPhone and made you a little video tutorial :)