On food storing

(Educational email sequence)


Do you struggle removing plastic from your kitchen? Are you concerned about the quality of food you put on the table? Do you want to know plastic-free ways of food storing?

If so, then I might have something for you.

Click below so I can share with you what I learned about plastic-free food storing.

The ultimate guide to beeswax wraps


Everything you need to know about the beeswax wraps.

Not kidding.

Care, tips, uses and more.

A better way to cut your cake

cerawrap cake

Yesterday I was youtubing to get some inspiration on dessert decor, and I came across one video.

Pure genius.

It will make you a master in cutting your cake, so it stays fresh for longer.

How to take care of your beeswax wrap so it lasts longer?


In this short post I am going to share my 6 tips how to take care of your beeswax wrap. Following these ideas will help you to prolong your wrap's life, therefore saves you some extra cash and allows you to enjoy your purchase for longer. 

A little video tutorial how to use your beeswax wrap

Using your beeswax wrap for the very first time can be exciting and thrilling (to say the least!). So I took my iPhone and made you a little video tutorial :)