About us

Hey, it’s Austeja (the creator of Cerawrap beeswax wraps and the author of this website).

I am so glad you stopped by. The internet is quite a jungle these days. Having you here means a lot.

Have you read the book The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth..?

The name sounds freakish indeed, yet it has nothing to do with apocalypse, Frankensteins or other scary stuff.

It is about one very deep human trait to want to feel connected with the people who we care for.

And that all the freaks, misfits and weirdos can also do that.

The world has 7 billion people.

And among those billions there is definitely more than one who also likes polishing dirt (that is actually a proper art), is deeply involved into pencil sharpening processes (that is actually a business, go check it out), or buys adjustable velcro fastening showerproof and breathable High-Vis vests for his chickens.

It is all about the tribes you care for, and who care for what you do and, sometimes, - how you do it.

During my first attempts to build a business, I was always overwhelmed with pleasing everyone.

Yet in fact, I bet that 80% of the population would ever even try using my product, even if it was delivered straight to their hands.

And among that 20% of daredevils the vast majority would never understand what it’s for.

It has nothing to do with the product per se.

It has to do with them.

If I tried to please them, the logical solution would be to close my manufacture and stop doing what I do.

But by doing that, I would do a huge, massive disservice to the small tiny minority who cares.

I would do a disservice to my tribe.

To the few food avant-gardists.

The few cheese gourmands.

The few badass bakers.

The few moms who are really trying to lead their kids by example instead of just talking.

And those crazy zero waste people who actually live without plastic. You guys.. You guys are honourable freaks.

If you are one of those little few, I am happy to serve you.

If you are one of those little few, stick around.

Take an eye at my blog. See if what I create is for you.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, ideas.


If you love food, welcome aboard. We have fresh cookies here.

Austeja from Cerawrap